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Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Attack Prevention and Safety Tips This week is Dog Attack Prevention Awareness Week and in order to support this campaign, we here at Naftulin & Shick have put together a list of ways to help avoid dog bites injuries... To help prevent dog bite attacks, owners...

Dog Attack On Bike

A Dog Attacked Me While I Was on a Bike. Can I Sue the Owner of the Dog? If an animal attacks you or a dog bites you while you are on your bicycle, the owner is responsible for your injuries. Their homeowners insurance company should cover this claim. Dog owners...

Dog Injury Liability

Is A Landlord Liable for Injuries Caused by Their Tenant’s Dog? Landlords can be held liable for injuries caused by their tenants' dog IF the landlord had knowledge of the dog's vicious propensities and permitted it to remain on the property. Landlords can learn of a...