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Be a Responsible Animal Owner

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Animal Owner Responsibility

The responsibility associated with owning a dog-or any pet, for that matter-goes far beyond the physical requirements of food, water and walks on a leash.

Owners have a social obligation to protect anyone who might come into contact with the animal. An escaped or uncontrolled animal could easily injure another’s person or property and, as a result, face unwanted legal problems.

As an owner you have a duty not to put your dog in a bad situation, where it needs to feel it has to defend you or itself. You also have a duty to others, even if that dog has never bitten before or committed other aggressive behavior, like chasing people or barking aggressively. Everyone thinks their dog is sweet and nice, and most of them are, but you can’t assume it will be sweet and nice with everybody.

Pennsylvania state law requires that all dogs must be under control and must not be allowed to run at large; dogs are regarded as personal property, after all, and owners are responsible for damages caused by their dog. Dog bites, or those from horses, cats and other domesticated animals-can leave unsightly scarring and physical damage. But such an event can also cause lasting emotional trauma.

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