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Ice Snow Falldowns Slip Fall Slippery

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Ice and Snow Falldowns

Slip and fell on ice snow falldown slippery

Now that the cold weather has returned, it is inevitable that we will encounter snow and ice covered sidewalks and walkways in our daily travels. Every winter season, we get a number of calls from people who have slipped and fell on snow or ice.

Just because you slipped and fell on snow or ice does not necessarily mean that your claim will hold up in court. It is essential to immediately determine what exactly you slipped on; snow, ice, black ice, salt, and also the specific conditions of the slippery surface. Had the snow or ice been treated, shoveled, scraped, salted, sanded, snow-blown or melted and re-froze. Get photographs that show the location and condition.

The exact location of the fall is incredibly important. Not just the address of the property. It may determine who is responsible for snow and ice removal such as a property owner, snow removal contractor, or even a tenant.

Not enough can be said about documenting and photographing where, when, why and how you fell. When you fell is important to determine the last snow fall and last snow clean up, or how long the responsible party had to correct the situation.

Sometimes there are situations where surface water is being diverted onto a walkway by a rainspout or a hole in a gutter where it accumulates and freezes. This is essential information for any lawyer trying to determine whether you have a claim for the injuries you suffered when you fell.

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