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Slip And Fall

Client, 43 year old, married mother of five children had just finished filling out a job application as a part-time clerk. She stopped on her way home to pick up dinner at a fast food restaurant. As she was descending a set of exterior railroad tie stairs leading to the restaurant, she tripped on a broken stair edge. Her weight shifted, she lost her balance and her right knee went out.

Client was taken to the Emergency Department at Lehighton Hospital, Carbon County and was diagnosed with a serious injury to her left knee and ankle. Because of the serious nature of her injury, she was transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for surgery and casting. After months of treatment and physical therapy with her local doctors in Carbon County, Client returned to Philadelphia for a second surgery.

Since this injury, Client’s leg swells daily. She has difficulty on steps, cannot run or kneel and has a continuous sensation of her knee going out. She can no longer play tennis or ski as she did pre-injury. Due to the injury, Client was unable to accept the part-time job she was offered.

Client and her husband hired our law firm to bring a claim against the owner of the property for their negligence in maintaining their property. The case was resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit.