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Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

Statistically, many motorcycle / car accidents occur at intersections. Often, the car turns left into the bike. Fatality statistics are tragic. A disproportionate percentage of motorcycle crashes result in wrongful death or catastrophic injury.

Visibility Of the Motorcycle

Of course, the most common reason for a collision with a car is failure of the driver to see the motorcycle. There are several reasons for this. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, and there are fewer metal surfaces reflecting light. Drivers are accustomed and conditioned to seeing and reacting to two headlights, not just one. Drivers may be inattentive or affected by glare or otherwise reduced visibility.

Non-contact Accidents

A car’s failure to yield the right of way, or otherwise encroaching a motorcycle’s lane of travel, can cause the motorcycle driver to lay down the bike or run off the road, trying to avoid the car. In a “low-sider” the bike goes under the rider. A “high-sider” is more dangerous. Here, the drive wheel or motion of the motorcycle causes the rider to fly over the bars or bike.

Vulnerability Of The Motorcyclist

It doesn’t take speed for a serious injury. Even at speeds less than 30 mph, motorcycle operators suffer fractures, burns, and disfigurement. A car’s unsafe lane change and side-swipe can bring a 600 pound bike out of control and onto hard pavement. A parked car’s opening door can mean serious injury and a wrecked bike in the blink of an eye.

Dispelling The Stereotype

Although a certain percentage of accidents involve use of alcohol or other mistakes by motorcyclists, the vast majority of accidents are the fault of other auto drivers. Our attorneys are aware of the prejudice riders face with juries, judges and insurance adjusters. We are prepared to present the best possible case for compensation to you.

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