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Representative Cases – Negligence

Negligence And Personal Injury

Monroe County PA
Golf Cart Accident – Fractured Skull

Our Client was a 16 year old girl who was visiting friends at a lake side community in the Poconos. Golf carts were used within the community to travel from the homes to the mail boxes, swimming pools, tennis courts and other amenities. Our Client, along with three other young girls went for a ride in a golf cart driven by her friends’ 15 year old son.

The roads throughout the Pocono lakeside community were hilly and curvy. The 15 year old boy drove the golf cart to the top of a hill. On the way down the hill he lost control of the golf cart, ran off of the road and into a ditch, flipping the golf cart and throwing our Client from the vehicle. Our Client was ambulanced to Pocono Medical Center and then transferred to Geisinger Medical Center for treatment of her head injuries.

Our Client sustained head injuries which affected her memory and other cognitive functions. She returned to school in the fall but special accommodations were provided to provide help with note taking and additional time to take tests. Fortunately, after receiving appropriate cognitive therapy, our Client was able to graduate with her class and go on to a four year degree program.

Our Client’s parents hired Linda M. Shick, Esquire to represent their daughter in her claims for personal injury. A law suit was filed in the Court of Monroe County. After a number of depositions, the homeowner’s insurance carrier entered into negotiations with Attorney Shick to fairly compensate the Client for her injuries. The settlement was achieved prior to the start of trial.

Pike County PA
ATV Accident

Our 15 year old Client and her parents lived in a lake front community in Milford, Pennsylvania. The rules and regulations for the community prohibited the operation of ATVs on the roadways. The community had a security force that patrolled the roadways.

One Saturday afternoon, our Client and her girlfriend were walking around the community. They met up with a boy they knew from school who was operating an ATV. The boy had been driving the ATV around the community and the security force was aware that he was doing so. The boy asked them if they wanted to go for a ride. They both got on the back of the ATV. As the boy drove around the roadways of the lake front community, he tried to make a turn. Our Client was thrown from the back of the ATV and struck a tree.

Our Client struck her head and was knocked unconscious. She suffered a subdural hematoma; a fractured temporal bone; a fractured mastoid; a concussion; and memory deficits. She missed a significant period of time from school.

Her parents hired Naftulin and Shick, P.C. to assure that their daughter’s past and future medical bills would be paid and she would receive compensation for the pain and suffering associated with her extensive injuries.

Attorney Linda Shick filed suit against the owner and operator of the ATV and the lake front community security force in Pike County Court. Prior to the time of trial, she was able to negotiate settlements with the various insurance companies that provided for current and future payments to the injured minor, assuring that her medical expenses will be paid and she will be amply compensated.

Northampton County PA
Bangor – Lawn Mower Defect

Our Client purchased a riding lawn mower from a Northampton County distributor. He had been a machinist for 21 years. He had also operated a lawn care business for 18 years. Additionally, he had an operating farm where he raised beef cattle and grew pumpkins, vegetables and hay. He had a lot of experience using tools and equipment. The riding mower he purchased was used in his lawn care business. The mower was used for the remainder of a season and then again beginning in the next mowing season.

One Spring day, our Client was mowing a large yard as part of his lawn care business. Our Client attempted to raise the blades on his new riding mower. A lever moved and caught his right index finger crushing and cutting it. The tip of the finger was traumatically amputated.

Our Client had followed the manufacturers directions on how to raise the blades. After this incident, the manufacturer changed the design of their mower so that the area is guarded.

Our Client’s wife was called to the job site to take him to Pocono Medical Center. There was a crush/complete amputation of the right index finer to DIP joint. A plastic surgeon, was called in to perform the surgical correction.

A law suit was filed in Northampton County against the manufacturer and the distributor of the riding lawn mower. The parties agreed to meet with a mediator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an amicable resolution was achieved.

Northampton County PA
Accident – Injury to Eye

Our 10 year old Northampton Client went to a friend’s house in Nazareth, Pennsylvania to attend a birthday party. His friend went and got his paint ball gun while his parents were not paying attention to what the boys were doing. The boys were in the woods behind a barn on the property. His friend had the CO2 paint ball gun and was shooting at squirrels. His friend shot the gun and our Client was hit in the right eye.

Our minor Client was immediately taken to Easton Hospital Emergency Room in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania where a full evaluation and eye consultation was performed. A metal patch was placed over our young Client’s right eye and he was transferred via ambulance to Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia for a higher level of care.

Our Client continued to receive medical treatment from the Philadelphia doctors at Wills Eye Hospital including surgery for a traumatic cataract. While the abrasions and lacerations to his eye healed, our Client lost some of the vision in his right eye.

Our minor Client’s parents hired the law firm of Naftulin and Shick, P.C. to represent their child in obtaining compensation for his injuries. We also made certain that his medical expenses were paid so that he could get the medical treatment that was required for his eye injury.

Suit was filed in the Northampton County Court. Prior to trial, Attorney Linda Shick was able to negotiate a very substantial settlement with the property owners’ insurance company to compensate our Client for the serious eye injury that he suffered as the result of a property owner’s negligence.