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Falldowns – Trip And Fall, Slip And Fall

Philadelphia County PA
Trip and Fall on Sidewalk

Our Client, a resident of Philadelphia, was walking along a sidewalk in the City, when she turned her ankle on an area of missing sidewalk. The defect was not apparent as it was hidden by weeds and other debris. She was taken to Temple University Hospital where her broken ankle was treated and casted. She received additional treatment from orthopedic specialists from Hahnemann and Drexel. Because of the long period of time she was on crutches and in a walking boot, prior problems with her low back were aggravated which ultimately resulted in the need for surgery.

Our Client and her husband hired Naftulin and Shick, PC to pursue their claims for pain and suffering against the owners of the property who did not maintain their sidewalk. A law suit was filed in the County of Philadelphia. After a number of depositions, the parties agreed to submit the case to mediation. The case was resolved at the mediation in Philadelphia County.

Monroe County, PA
Fall from Platform

Our Client, a married gentleman in his mid 60s from New Jersey, went to a resort community in the Poconos with his wife, children and grandchildren. One of the activities that the community offered was ping-pong. The ping-pong table was set on an outdoor covered platform. The platform was approximately 12 inches high and did not have any railings along the sides. As our Client was playing ping pong, he fell off the side of the platform, striking his chest and hitting his head on the concrete patio.

In this case, the resort community created the danger when they placed a ping-pong table on a raised platform which did not have any railing or means to protect individuals from coming too close to the edge and falling off.

Our Client suffered multiple rib fractures; contusions and abrasions to his face, head, neck and hands and a sprained ankle. He was taken by ambulance to Pocono Medical Center in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and admitted. The vacation he had looked forward to enjoying with his family was ruined.

At the time of the incident, our Client worked as a cleaner for a janitorial service. His job duties include cleaning commercial buildings and offices. He was unable to work for more than three months.

The law firm of Naftulin and Shick, P.C. was retained to represent the gentleman and his wife to assure that they received adequate compensation for the serious injuries that he suffered. Attorney Linda Shick negotiated an amicable resolution of the claim with the resort community’s insurance company prior to the filing of a law suit in the Monroe County Court.

Northampton County, PA
Slip and Fall in Bar Entrance

After getting off duty as a waitress at a local restaurant in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, our Client, a single woman headed to her home in Easton. Anticipating the Eagles’ football game the next day, she stopped at a corner bar to pick up a six-pack of beer. It had been raining most of the day. As she walked into the bar, she wiped her rubber-soled shoes on the small mat that was placed at the entranceway. As she stepped off of the mat to walk to the cooler, her feet flew out from underneath of her. She put her arm out to try and break her fall. She had fallen on the hard wood floor that was wet from customers’ feet. The mat at the doorway was not sufficient for people to wipe their feet and no one had mopped up the water even though it had been raining heavily for a long period of time.

Embarrassed, she got right back up and left the bar. She went to her car and called a friend to come and get her. She knew her wrist was badly broken. Her friend arrived and drove her to Easton Hospital where she received emergency treatment. She was directed to an orthopedic surgeon in Philadelphia who operated on her arm and repaired her broken bones with plates and screws.

She continued to receive treatment from the Philadelphia orthopedic surgeon along with several courses of physical therapy in Easton, Pennsylvania. She was unable to work at the restaurant as a waitress for more than four months.

We were hired to represent her in her claims for compensation for her unpaid medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A law suit was filed in the Court of Northampton County. Prior to beginning trial, Attorney Linda Shick entered into a settlement with the insurance company for the bar that provided monies for our Client’s harms and losses.

Bucks County, PA
Trip and Fall on Sidewalk

Our Client and her husband were taking a walk on the sidewalk of their Warrington, Pennsylvania neighborhood on a warm Spring evening. A woman in her 50s, our Client enjoyed taking long walks through her community. As they walked along, her sneaker hit a raised section of sidewalk and she tripped and fell to the ground. The section was raised 3 inches and the property owner had been advised by Warrington Township to make a repair.

Our Client fell on both elbows, shattering one and spraining the other. Her husband went and got his car and took her to Doylestown Hospital for emergency treatment. Surgery was necessary to repair the fractured elbow. Both arms were in slings. An office worker who spent a lot of time in front of a computer, our client was out of work for more than 6 months. She also had a part-time job as a grocery checker which she did not return to for almost a year. She continued to receive medical treatment and therapy from her Doylestown orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.

The Client and her husband hired the law firm of Naftulin and Shick, P.C. to assure that her medical expenses were paid and she received reimbursement for her lost income. Before a law suit was filed in the Bucks County Court, Linda M. Shick, Esquire negotiated an amicable settlement that provided compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Monroe County PA
Slip and Fall on Ice at Work

At the time of the incident, our Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Client was a plumbing and heating repair technician. As such, he was responsible for driving to customers’ homes, and repairing and installing plumbing and heating systems. He had already been out on a service call and had returned to the shop to get supplies for a job. When our Client arrived back at the property after his first service call on the morning of the incident, there was a covering, or dusting of snow on the parking lot surface. While walking in the parking lot, he slipped on an old, thick patch of ice.

Our Monroe County Client suffered very serious injuries to his right ankle, right foot, right elbow, and right shoulder. He underwent a number of surgeries to his right ankle and was out of work for a three year period of time. He received benefits from his employer’s workers compensation carrier.

Attorney Linda Shick filed a lawsuit in Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. After the start of trial, the case was settled. Our client was compensated for the negligence of the landowner for failing to clear his property of ice and snow.

Bucks County, PA
Trip and Fall

Our Doylestown, Pennsylvania Client, a 43 year old, married mother of five children had just finished filling out a job application as a part-time clerk. She stopped on her way home to pick up dinner at a fast food restaurant. As she was descending a set of exterior railroad tie stairs leading to the restaurant, she tripped on a broken stair edge. Her weight shifted, she lost her balance and her right knee went out.

Our Client was taken to the Emergency Department at Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and was diagnosed with a serious injury to her left knee and ankle. Because of the serious nature of her injury, she was transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia for surgery and casting. After months of treatment and physical therapy with her local doctors in Bucks County, Client returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a second surgery.

Since this injury, our Doylestown Client’s leg swells daily. She has difficulty on steps, cannot run or kneel and has a continuous sensation of her knee going out. She can no longer play tennis or ski as she did pre-injury. Due to the injury, our Client was unable to accept the part-time job she was offered.

The Client and her husband hired our law firm to bring a claim against the owner of the property for their negligence in maintaining their property. The case was successfully resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

Northampton County, PA
Slip and Fall – Wet Grocery Store Floor

Our Client, a young mother of four young children from Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania was injured when she slipped and fell on a wet floor in a grocery store. The floor in front of the deli counter was wet with water that was running out from under the counter. The Client had purchased lunch meat and had turned to place it into her shopping cart when she slipped on the wet floor and fell onto her right side.

A store employee testified that there were a number of ceiling leaks in the area of the deli counter. She also testified that there was a problem with a seal on one of the refrigeration units that allowed water to run out from underneath the unit onto the floor where patrons walked.

The Client was seriously injured when she fell. She was taken to the Easton Hospital in Easton, Pennsylvania. She suffered a badly fractured right wrist which required three surgeries and many courses of physical therapy to heal. She was left with permanent deformity and scarring.

A lawsuit was brought in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Literally on the Northampton County Courthouse steps, Attorney Linda Shick resolved the claim for a substantial amount of money to compensate our Client and her husband for their losses as a result of the negligence of the grocery store that caused her to slip and fall.

Philadelphia County PA
Slip and Fall on Wet Floor

Our Easton, Pennsylvania Client was a 53 year old female traveling nurse who was injured while working at a hospital in Easton, Pennsylvania. She slipped and fell on a wet floor very shortly after she exited the nurses’ locker room. This fall occurred at the end of her shift. Our Client was licensed as a nurse in at least five other states. She worked for a staffing company who sent her to locales for periods of 3 months or more.

At the end of her shift she entered the nurses’ locker room to use the rest room, tidy herself up, and gather her belongings. As she left the nurses’ locker room, the wet floor caused her to slip and fall onto her back. It was not until she fell that she knew the floor was wet. There were no wet floor signs or cones to warn our Client about the wet floor.

Our Client was in severe pain. She was immediately examined at Easton Hospital in Easton, Pennsylvania. She was approved to receive workers’ compensation benefits from her employer from the time she became totally disabled to perform her nursing duties.

She suffered severe headaches and neck and back pain; impairment of sleep; muscle spasms in both arms; ringing in both ears; dizziness; blurred vision; fatigue; and depression.

Suit was filed in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. After lengthy litigation, both sides agreed to submit the case to a mediation where it was successfully resolved. The settlement provides significant compensation to our Client for the injuries she suffered as a result of the negligence of the hospital and their janitorial contractor.

Monroe County
Slip and Fall on Ice and Snow

Our Mount Pocono Client exited the grocery store. A gutter and downspout had diverted water onto the sidewalk that had frozen. The ice caused her to slip and fall down. She suffered a bad fracture of her fibula, extending to the joint of her ankle along with strain and sprain injuries to her back.

She was taken to Pocono Medical Center in Stroudsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. She continued to receive treatment from Monroe County medical providers which included long courses of physical therapy.

Attorney Linda Shick filed a lawsuit in Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. Prior to trial, the case was settled. Our Client was compensated for the negligence of the super market in causing the water to run onto the sidewalk and freeze, which caused our client to slip and fall down and be injured.