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If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Levittown, we can help. Our injury case evaluations are completely free, so call us at 215-348-5455. Or you can contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

We understand that you have immediate needs that must be addressed. How will I pay for my doctor’s appointment? How will I pay to get my car repaired so I can go to work? How will I pay the bills without my injured spouse’s income? We will work quickly to help you find the answers to these and other questions you may have. Contact our auto accident lawyers online or call 215-348-5455 for a free consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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We will not be intimidated by the insurance companies, and we are not afraid to go to trial when it is in the best interest of our client. Attorney Naftulin has argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. You can trust us to handle even the most challenging cases. Contact us to get the compensation you deserve215-348-5455

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Levittown is a community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Though not a municipality, it is sometimes recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It was planned and built by Levitt & Sons. The brothers Bill Levitt and architect Alfred Levitt designed its typical houses.

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contains comprehensive directories to modern-day Levittown, including area businesses, restaurants, music venues, and an events calendar filled with thousands of events in and around Bucks County! The Levittowns in PA and NY were the start of suburban America. The construction of Levittown, PA began in 1952 using a unique assembly line method, whereby workers moved from house to house, each worker performing one task such as framing, installing one type of appliance, etc. Only six models of house were built, and the production rate was one house every 16 minutes. When construction was complete in 1958, 17,311 homes were completed. Unique among other developments in its time, it was a complete community with land set aside for churches, schools, parks, playgrounds, and a shopping center. There were also strict rules on maintenance and appearance of the homes.

Today, Levittown is the largest suburb of Philadelphia, with 52,983 residents as of the 2010 census. Many of the basic homes have been expanded and improved. Today’s Levittown is spread through four municipalities: Bristol, Falls, and Middletown Township and the Borough of Tullytown