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What Is My Injury Lawsuit Worth

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What is My Case Worth and When will I Get Money?

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Multiple issues must be taken into consideration to answer your questions. In Pennsylvania compensation is permitted for past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, disfigurement and pain and suffering. Your spouse may have a claim for loss of consortium. There is no magic formula to estimate the value of your claim. There are many factors to consider. The law firm of Naftulin and Shick, P.C. has settled and tried personal injury cases for more than forty years. From our experiences, we know how to evaluate a claim and make sure our clients are fully compensated for their losses.

Each case also varies in how long it takes to resolve. Once your case is settled, you cannot receive additional monies, so it is important to know the full extent of your injuries and their financial and future consequences. In some cases, the extent of an injury is evident soon after the event. In other cases, it takes many months or even years to realize the extent of an injury. It is crucial to know, prior to settling your case, the affect of your injuries; the extent of your disabilities; the future treatment you are facing; and the financial losses you may incur.

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