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No Lawyer Insurance Settlement

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Will the Insurance Company offer a fair settlement if I don’t have a Lawyer?

insurance settlement

The short answer to your question is, “not likely”. Insurance companies usually do not accept responsibility or provide compensation for personal injuries easily. Most successful recoveries are the product of many hours of hard work resulting in a well-documented claim.

A consultation with our law firm is free. We will gladly discuss your claim with you. We will answer your questions and share our knowledge regarding settlements and verdicts in similar cases.

Insurance companies are not required to pay every person who has been injured in an accident. Many insurance companies discourage personal injury claimants from hiring a lawyer. They often say that the settlement of the claim will be delayed if a lawyer is involved; or that the majority of the settlement proceeds will go to the lawyer.

The reason that insurance companies would prefer that an injured person not hire an attorney is simple. They know that people who have experienced and trained lawyers represent them in their cases recover significantly larger awards than people who are not represented.

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