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Holiday Season Driving Tips

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Holiday Season Driving Tips

Thanksgiving and Christmas are busy driving times. More cars are on the roadways during the holiday season for quick trips to the mall; visits to friends and family; and holiday parties, than at any other time of the year. There are also more car accidents during the holiday season because of the number of cars on the roads; inclement weather; sleepy drivers; and drivers who had a few too many eggnogs at the company party.

Be aware of the increased risk and do your part to reduce it. Be aware of your own driving habits.

  • Don’t make the long drive home after a heavy holiday meal when you are feeling tired or may have had too many glasses of wine.
  • Don’t take the trip to the outlets at 4 a.m. to hit the sales if you are too sleepy to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • Don’t run out in the middle of a snow storm to grab a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread as if the roads will never be clear again.

The holiday season is a happy and exciting time to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. All of that can change in an instant in time because someone dozed off at the wheel. No one sets out to kill or cripple themselves or someone else. That’s why it is called an “accident”. But no matter what you call it, car crashes change lives — and not for the better. So be careful this holiday season, for the sake of your family and the other guy’s.

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