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Facebook Discoverable In Lawsuit

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Facebook Accounts Discoverable by Opposing Party

social media in legal cases

If you are a party in a law suit stemming from a motor vehicle accident, dog bite or falldown, you may be ordered to provide access to your Facebook or other social network account to your opposing party. While it is certainly understandable why the opposing party would like to see what you have been up to, or whether you have written about the event, or posted photographs concerning the event or your injuries, such information can often be embarrassing, private and personal when viewed in the context of a law suit.

So be careful when you post to social websites, whether you are a party to a law suit or not. Consider that what you write may be read by someone other than your friends and relatives. If it is information that you consider private or personal, don’t post it on Facebook or Tweet about it. Once it is on the internet, or in the cloud, it is there forever.

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