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Collect Benefits From Work Injury

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My Employee was Hurt on a Job Site in Doylestown, Bucks County. How can I help him collect his benefits?

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Depending on how and why your employee was injured will determine what benefits and/or compensation he can collect. If your employee was injured through his own fault, or the fault of a co-employee, he is entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits which include his lost wages and medical expenses. Depending on the injury he suffered, he may also be entitled to a lump sum payment.

If your employee was injured because someone else was negligent such as another contractor on the job site or a third party such as in a motor vehicle collision, your employee will still be entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits. He may also be entitled to compensatory damages from the contractor or the third party that caused his injuries. In such situations, if your employee recovers compensation from whomever caused his harm, your Workers Compensation carrier is entitled to be paid back from that recovery.

The best advice you can give your employee is to call a competent attorney that represents individuals that suffer injury through no fault of their own. Analyzing your employees claims requires the experience of attorneys like Naftulin and Shick, P.C. We have been representing injured workers and their families for more than 40 years. We know what benefits are available and fight to make sure our clients collect.

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