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Adding Child To My Auto Policy

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When should my new teen driver be added to my auto policy?

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You absolutely should notify your auto carrier when your teen gets their learner permits. Most carriers automatically cover your teen with a learner’s permit under your policy without adding them as an additional driver to the policy.

You should contact your carrier again when your teen becomes licensed. Whether to take out a policy for them comes down to whose car they will be using. If they will be using a vehicle titled to you, it may be less expensive to add them as a driver to that policy as they will have the advantage of your driving record.

If your newly licensed teen is getting their own car, you and they have to decide how to title that car. If you own the car, you can add it and the teen to your policy. You should compare those rates to titling the car in your teen’s name and insuring it under a policy in their name.

Your agent should help you compare rates for your given situation. You also should remember not to skimp on coverages. All the policies in your household should be FULL TORT policies. Do not think you are saving anything by chosing LIMITED TORT. All you are doing is giving away your rights in the event of an accident to make a claim for pain and suffering under most circumstances before an accident ever happens.

Also, make sure that your Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Benefits match your Bodily Injury Coverage. Why have less insurance for yourself and your family than you provide for the over guy? And make sure that you choose the stacking option for your Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Benefits. This becomes very important when the person who causes your injury does not have insurance or does not have enough coverage.

All of this sounds very complicated, but in the event you are involved in a collision, it will become very clear if you do not have adequate coverage.

If you would like to discuss the provisions on your auto policy, call us. We at Naftulin and Shick are happy to review your policy and help you make sure you and your family are adequately covered. It is easier to make sure you have appropriate coverage when you don’t need it than after a tragedy strikes and you find out that you skimped to save a few dollars and aren’t covered.

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